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At GTC, we believe in the transformative power of music education for children aged 4-12. Our after-school music program is designed to inspire a love for music, foster creativity, and develop fundamental skills that extend beyond the realm of notes and chords. We partner with OOSHs in schools all over Sydney to provide school programs with unbeatable value for money.

Here are 8 things to know about our exciting and innovative school program before you claim your free trial session!

1. Curriculum Highlights

Our carefully curated curriculum encompasses a diverse range of musical genres, ensuring a well-rounded musical education for every student. Students will explore the basics of music theory, instrumental techniques, and ensemble playing, creating a foundation for a lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music.

Our talented team of tutors are not only accomplished musicians but also experts in working with children. They have the knowledge and skills to create an engaging and supportive learning environment. All GTC tutors go through our acclaimed screening process to earn GTC certification, so you can be confident that you are getting more than your money’s worth out of every session.

2. Interactive Learning

GTC believes in active participation and hands-on learning. Our workshops are designed to encourage students to explore their musical abilities through group activities, games, and creative exercises. GTC tutors employ innovative teaching methods, ensuring that every class is a fun and enriching experience. We incorporate technological skills by guiding students through the process of making music with GarageBand on GTC-supplied iPads.

3. Instrument Exploration

GTC school programs offer students the opportunity to explore various instruments, with a primary focus on the voice, percussion and stringed instruments like the guitar and ukulele. Our tutors guide students through the basics, helping them discover their musical preferences and potential areas of specialisation. This serves as the perfect segway into one-on-one classes for children who wish to take their music skills to the next level.

4. Guest Musicians and Workshops

GTC takes pride in bringing the music community to our students. Throughout the program, we invite guest musicians for special workshops, providing students with unique insights and inspiration. A number of these guests are from our very own team of music tutors, comprised of a diverse selection of full-time music tutors and freelance musicians. This offers students insight into culturally diverse styles of music, what it means to be a musician today and introduces them to a range of different instruments.

5. Performance Opportunities

Every budding musician deserves a chance to shine! GTC organises regular performance opportunities through our Student Concerts, allowing students to showcase their newfound skills to family and friends. School program participants have the chance to watch and perform alongside other GTC students who take private lessons. This invaluable exposure to music is topped off with performances from our all-star tutor band at each concert.

6. Creative Projects and Collaboration

Our program goes beyond traditional music education. Students engage in creative projects, such as composing their own music and collaborating on themed performances, fostering a sense of ownership and creativity. Whether working individually or as part of a group during one of our sessions, students are provided plenty of time and encouragement to express themselves creatively.

7. Program Logistics

To get the most value, we encourage all students to enrol in our weekly sessions conducted between 3:30-6:30pm on weekdays. You will be amazed at the progress of each student after 10 weeks of top quality music education, and with GTC’s signature low prices, you’d be sorry to miss it!

In addition to our regular term programs, GTC offers extended holiday programs. The programs present students with more time to develop their skills, create music and collaborate with other students, forming new friendships in the process. Our longer 3-5 day programs end with a group performance and presentation of one of each student’s creative masterpieces!

Alternatively, why not book a one-off and see if we’re the right fit for your school? We are so sure the kids are going to love every minute of it that we are offering every new school that signs up before 1 February, 2024 a FREE 30 MINUTE TRIAL SESSION for all kids in attendance at after-school or vacation care that day. If the kids aren’t talking about it for the rest of the week, we’ll throw in a 2nd free trial!

2024 Summer Holiday Camps

Week 1: 8 January – 12 January

Week 2: 15 January – 19 January

Week 3: 21 January – 25 January (max. 4 days)

Week 4: 29 January – 2 February

Weekly School Term Program

Term 1: 5 February – 12 April

8. How to Get Started

Simply complete the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a FREE QUOTE. Or book a discovery call with one of our sales representatives to fire some more questions at us and find out more about the program.

At GTC, we are passionate about nurturing young talents and providing a foundation for a lifelong love of music. Join us as we embark on this musical adventure together!

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