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Introductory Packages for our Music Lessons

Guitar Tutor Commuter offers a number of introductory packages that are a perfect way of getting to know your tutor and learning the basics on your chosen instrument before joining the rest of our community of regular students. The tutor will be able to get an idea of your skill level and musical interests to begin developing some ongoing music lesson plans. The lessons can be held in your own home or at one of our tutors’ home studios. Don’t worry if you don’t have a designated music room! The trial period presents an opportunity to find the most convenient space for your new music classroom. We don’t offer free trial lessons because we know you will find great value from our lessons right from the first day of music classes. Instead we offer packages that involve three introductory music lessons at a discounted rate. They are typically spread across three weeks; the perfect amount of time to get into the swing of regular practice and find out what it takes to learn your chosen instrument. This is a great way of setting the tone for future lessons. You will have a better idea of whether the instrument and lesson format you have chosen is right for you. The packages are suitable for any age group, skill or grade level. They can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in duration. You can add guitar hire to your package for a slight additional fee if you don’t already have an instrument.

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The first thing you will discover is that our lessons are much different to a typical school lesson. Our enthusiastic music educators have a wealth of experience in making each lesson fun and engaging whilst ensuring that you always learn something new and develop extra skills on your instrument. The trial music lessons will often see tutors incorporate some fun music activities as a practical way to teach musical concepts. The trial lessons can be paid for using the NSW Government’s Creative Kids Vouchers. If your child is eligible then you can get started with an introductory package this week for free! The lessons don’t need to begin from the first week of school. Many students choose to complete their introductory packages during the school holidays so they are ready to jump right into the term. Please note that the three trial music lessons must be completed within 35 days unless some other arrangement has been discussed. After the trial period you will not be locked into any ongoing plan. You will be contacted by administration upon completion of the third music lesson to discuss further enrolment. If you are not 100% satisfied with the assigned tutor after the first lesson, you are welcome to take future lessons with a different tutor (subject to availability). It is possible to book a single trial lesson however we can’t always guarantee the same discounted rate.



Home Music Lessons


Online Music Lessons – $87 Tutor’s Home – $94 



Home Music Lessons


Online Music Lessons – $129 Tutor’s Home – $139 

(Best Value)


Home Music Lessons


Online Music Lessons – $169 Tutor’s Home – $179

Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome to book a one of lesson; however, we are unable to offer the same discount unfortunately. Over years of conducting lessons with beginner students, we have found three lessons (typically spread over three weeks) to be an ideal amount of time for students to get to know their tutors and start forming practice habits.

Yes. An aspect of the introductory period is finding the time and lesson format that is best suited to the student – we will do our best to facilitate. Just please note that the tutor that has been assigned may have limited availability so this may not be possible. It is a good idea to give us a heads up when submitting our Contact Us form.

That depends… We offer affordable hire programs for various types of guitars and bass guitars, but if you are taking voice lessons, we sure do hope you can bring your own! More information can be found on our Guitar Hire page.

We do a such a good job at matching students with tutors that are perfect for their requirements that we are sure you won’t need to; however, you are welcome to have lessons with multiple tutors in your area.

Perhaps the timing is not right to get into regular lessons just yet. That’s okay! The beauty of the introductory packages is that you aren’t locked into anything beyond the 3rd lesson. We will get in touch with you at the end of your package to ask how things went. The tutors appreciate your feedback on how the lessons went as we are always looking to improve.

Of course! You can jump straight to one of our longer lesson packages, which are 5 and 10 lessons – particularly if you already have some experience on your chosen instrument. Simply mention that you would like to skip the introductory package when submitting our Contact Us form.

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