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Guitar Tutor Commuter offers professional and affordable music theory lessons Sydney wide in students homes and online. Students have the option of taking private home music theory lessons with one of our experienced music theory tutors or enrol in an online musicianship course. The private music lessons can be taken from the same music teacher you learn an instrument from. The more affordable group online courses can be a good opportunity to learn music theory from one of our other great theory tutors. Current GTC students receive their 1st lesson free!

GTC has been teaching music theory lessons in Sydney for over 5 years. Our tutors have studied music at the highest level and have years of experience teaching students of all ages. During this time we have developed an approach to teaching the theory of music that makes lessons engaging for students at any level. We know that sheet music isn’t always the most exciting thing to master, but we know how to get you there in a fun way while learning about your favourite music and developing pitch and rhythm skills at the same time. At the end of each term we are certain you will have learnt more than you could have imagined!

After you have studied music theory you will start to develop a much more in depth understanding of the music you listen to. It will inform your overall music education as well as music performance and composition. Private music theory lessons are often taken in combination with guitar, bass, drums, voice and piano lessons. Instrument tutors may even provide some informal music theory lessons when they deem it necessary for a student’s development as a musician. These lessons will often be specific to your instrument. For example, you may learn the theory behind a particular scale pattern you are practicing on the guitar. Then your tutor may expand on that knowledge to teach you how chords are constructed from scales. 

Some students choose to take AMEB music theory exams, however this isn’t a requirement. Many student just want to learn music theory to expand their general knowledge or come to understand specific concepts like time signatures and polyrhythms. Your music theory tutor will be able to recommend a path to follow based on your interests and skill level. Enrol in one of GTC’s introductory packages today to begin your journey into the world of harmony and rhythm with some of the best music theory tutors Sydney has to offer!

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Right away! All you need to do is fill in the Contact us form and our team will get back to you with the perfect tutor based on your instrument, age, skill level, availability and location. Once we have confirmed a time and submitted your enrolment details, your tutor will receive your information to start imparting their knowledge of your chosen instrument.

Our introductory package is a 3 lesson bundle at a discounted cost! We want everyone to love learning music as much as we do and have found this the perfect way to ensure that you are happy with your experience before signing up for the term. These can be bundled with an instrument hire package so you have everything you need to get started! Check out our Introductory Packages page for more information.

You know your child best! Most can handle a full-hour lesson; however, if you are strapped for time or they are 7 years old or younger and have trouble focussing, looking into one of the 30 or 45-minute lessons may be better. You will quickly find that the more time students spend with their instrument, the better they will become. So we always recommend choosing hour lessons if they can. Feel free to call us on 0433 539 728 if you’re not sure!

We provide lessons in students’ homes all over Sydney and there’s a good chance that there’s a tutor studio close to you as well. If you are outside of Sydney, we also offer Online Lessons so you can be anywhere in the world and still receive top quality lessons!

You sure can! Our tutors become well-versed in online lessons back in 2020 and have been improving their virtual teaching methods ever since. It is a great option to save money and travel time. All you need is a computer and an microphone – oh, and an instrument!

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