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Guitar Tutor Commuter offers drum lessons Sydney wide in the comfort of your own home. All of our drum teachers are professional drummers who are adept at playing and teaching all styles of music. We are a music school that teaches drumming to students of all ages and skill levels. Outside of teaching drum lessons, our tutors are professional gigging musicians in their own right. You are likely to find them performing with a different band or ensemble every weekend across Sydney; and they would love to see you out there too one day. So grab some sticks and enrol in an introductory package today!

In your private drum lessons you won’t just be taught how to play the drums. You will learn how to listen to the other musicians in ensembles and use the whole drum kit to create dynamics that serve the song. This takes practice and a certain amount of discipline as many amateur drum students prefer to show off fast drum fills throughout a song that can often distract the listener from other elements. Dedication to practice is crucial in becoming an intermediate drummer and mastering rhythms in a range of musical styles.

GTC has some of the best drum tutors Sydney has to offer. They are extremely experienced in providing drum lessons for beginners, intermediate players and advanced drummers alike. Beginner students will learn efficient stick technique and the fundamentals of rhythm before moving on to preparing songs for performances. These may be as part of HSC or AMEB programs but your tutor will often encourage you to join a band or ensemble too. This is the most important thing for intermediate drummers who want to continue progressing once they have a solid foundation of technique.

Playing in an ensemble will drastically improve your musical ear and open your world to intricacies of each part of the drum kit; as you craft the dynamic contour of a song through the use of different colours. You will also be able to experience the effect that even the slightest changes to a beat can have on a groove. The coolest thing about drums, rhythm and, well, music education in general, is that there is always more to learn. This means there is never a dull moment in music lessons as you continue to progress and tackle more challenging techniques, songs and concepts. And when you feel like you know all there is to know about holding a beat and playing with an ensemble, you can enter the world of improvisation by learning how to play drum solos. 

Lessons on an acoustic drum kit are always better when learning to play the drums, however electronic drums will also suffice if you have noise considerations at home. As an alternative, it is possible to travel to one of our drum tutors’ studios where they can provide drum tuition on a full drum kit.

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Our gift cards for music lessons can be redeemed for our Introductory Packages, as well as all other lesson formats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Right away! All you need to do is fill in the Contact us form and our team will get back to you with the perfect tutor based on your instrument, age, skill level, availability and location. Once we have confirmed a time and submitted your enrolment details, your tutor will receive your information to start imparting their knowledge of your chosen instrument.

Our introductory package is a 3 lesson bundle at a discounted cost! We want everyone to love learning music as much as we do and have found this the perfect way to ensure that you are happy with your experience before signing up for the term. These can be bundled with an instrument hire package so you have everything you need to get started! Check out our Introductory Packages page for more information.

You know your child best! Most can handle a full-hour lesson; however, if you are strapped for time or they are 7 years old or younger and have trouble focussing, looking into one of the 30 or 45-minute lessons may be better. You will quickly find that the more time students spend with their instrument, the better they will become. So we always recommend choosing hour lessons if they can. Feel free to call us on 0433 539 728 if you’re not sure!

We provide lessons in students’ homes all over Sydney and there’s a good chance that there’s a tutor studio close to you as well. If you are outside of Sydney, we also offer Online Lessons so you can be anywhere in the world and still receive top quality lessons!

You sure can! Our tutors become well-versed in online lessons back in 2020 and have been improving their virtual teaching methods ever since. It is a great option to save money and travel time. All you need is a computer and an microphone – oh, and an instrument!

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