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We have been teaching guitar and bass all over Sydney since 2017 and have the expertise to show for it. Our bass students will all tell you Guitar Tutor Commuter has the best bass guitar lessons Sydney has to offer. Book an introductory package today and see for yourself!

Although the bass guitar looks quite similar to the electric guitar, it is a different instrument with fewer strings and its own role to play in musical ensembles. While electric and acoustic guitars are melodic instruments with a range similar to the voice, playing bass involves providing accompaniment to support the melody and rhythm. In rock, pop and jazz bands this often involves locking in with a drummer and dictating the harmony in a way that essentially glues all of the parts together. This makes the bass player an invaluable addition to any band or musical ensemble.

Despite these differences, there are lots of similarities between the guitar and bass, particularly in regards to techniques and note patterns. Knowledge of both instruments is a very good way to complement a student’s musicianship. If you are a classical guitar student, learning the bass guitar will introduce you to a new clef, which will improve your understanding of music theory and strengthen your ability to compose your own music.

By no coincidence, some of the greatest songwriters of our time were bass players too. Paul McCartney, Sting, Roger Waters, Phil Lynott, just to name a few. One of the most prolific session musicians of all time, the legendary bass player Carol Kaye, moved to the bass from the guitar and helped make songs like Good Vibrations and These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ into huge hits.

As a result, students will often learn guitar and bass together in back to back music lessons. If you are interested in this we can arrange a tutor who teaches guitar and bass. Many students learn guitar for a few years before starting bass guitar lessons and find they pick it up very quickly. However, it is just as common for students to do the opposite of this and experience a similar outcome. 

Many of our younger beginner bass students come to us for bass lessons when learning to play in their school band. GTC’s bass guitar tutors have always been highly recommended by local schools for our expertise in guiding students through the school band program. Bass guitar lessons can be taken at your home, online or in one of our tutor’s home studios.


We also frequently take on intermediate and advanced players who want to expand their competency to include a range of styles like jazz, funk, metal, latin and progressive rock. It is possible to learn double bass from one of our double bass guitar teachers who are proficient in jazz and classical styles. Our bass guitar tutors in Sydney teach students of all ages and skill levels all over the city, Eastern Suburbs, Western Sydney, North and South. We travel to you!

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Right away! All you need to do is fill in the Contact us form and our team will get back to you with the perfect tutor based on your instrument, age, skill level, availability and location. Once we have confirmed a time and submitted your enrolment details, your tutor will receive your information to start imparting their knowledge of your chosen instrument.

Our introductory package is a 3 lesson bundle at a discounted cost! We want everyone to love learning music as much as we do and have found this the perfect way to ensure that you are happy with your experience before signing up for the term. These can be bundled with an instrument hire package so you have everything you need to get started! Check out our Introductory Packages page for more information.

You know your child best! Most can handle a full-hour lesson; however, if you are strapped for time or they are 7 years old or younger and have trouble focussing, looking into one of the 30 or 45-minute lessons may be better. You will quickly find that the more time students spend with their instrument, the better they will become. So we always recommend choosing hour lessons if they can. Feel free to call us on 0433 539 728 if you’re not sure!

We provide lessons in students’ homes all over Sydney and there’s a good chance that there’s a tutor studio close to you as well. If you are outside of Sydney, we also offer Online Lessons so you can be anywhere in the world and still receive top quality lessons!

You sure can! Our tutors become well-versed in online lessons back in 2020 and have been improving their virtual teaching methods ever since. It is a great option to save money and travel time. All you need is a computer and an microphone – oh, and an instrument!

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