The piano is one of the most universally played instruments, from classical to pop, it is used in almost every style and is a great starting point for any musical journey.

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Guitar is the life blood of Guitar Tutor Commuter, with over 25 highly skilled guitar tutors across Sydney we are ready to take you from beginner to budding rockstar in no time.

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The Bass Guitar may look similar to the electric guitar but it plays an entirely different role in ensembles, creating the harmonic accompaniment to support the rhythm and melody.

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No matter your skill level a singing teacher can help you improve at any stage of your vocal development, try a lesson today and see for yourself!

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Drummer’s will learn to listen to an entire ensemble, and use their instrument to lead dynamics, set the tempo and create the feel of the song.

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Not sure you’re ready for the guitar? Ukulele is a smaller, cost-effective alternative that can be a great, fun way to get acquainted with playing a musical instrument.

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Music Theory

Music theory underpins all music practice and can be a great way to better understand your instrument. Looking at doing AMEB exams or HSC music? Music theory lessons can be a great way to help prepare, enquire today!

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Music production is the next step in creating your own music and a highly employable skill. You will learn to record, arrange, mix and master your own music. GTC is here to help bring your musical ideas to life.

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Want to write your own music? We offer composition lessons to help bring your musical ideas to life. Whether you’re the next Taylor Swift or Mozart, we are here to help you realise your musical vision.

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