Instrument Care

What We Offer

It is easy to underestimate the importance of regular instrument maintenance and the adverse effect neglecting the task can have on an instrument’s tone and playability. Even a small amount of regular maintenance every year can go a long way. Luckily, Guitar Tutor Commuter has a number of professional piano and guitar maintenance services available so you need not look any further for expert tuner technicians. Better still, GTC students receive 10% off all instrument care services and products! You can also include guitar pick up and drop off to your home or work address when booking your regular guitar restringing in Sydney. So there’s no need to worry about travelling to a music shop!
Piano Tuning

Piano tuning in Sydney with GTC is professional, affordable and hassle free. It is very important that you ensure that your piano tuner is a qualified piano technician who has experience with upright and grand pianos. Sticking to the recommended piano tuning schedule will save you time and money on piano repairs in the long run. It is advisable to have your piano tuned as often as you would service your car, every 6 months or at least once a year. New pianos need to be tuned 4 times in the first year to ensure the strings settle in and remain in tune for longer. Contact us to discuss a ‘four-tune’ package for your new piano and we can plan a schedule. Additional travel fees apply for piano tuning repairs in the Blue Mountains and Central Coast.

  • Regular piano tuning – from $250
  • Piano tune with pitch rise – from $300
  • Piano ‘four-tune’ pack – from $900 (only $225 per tuning!)
Guitar Restringing

Although it depends on the amount you play and the quality of the strings, it is generally recommended that the strings on your guitar or ukulele are changed every 2-4 months and every 4-6 months for bass guitars. Generally when the strings start to sound a little dull then it is a good idea to put some fresh ones on. Our tutors who are playing shows regularly will often change strings a few times a month.

Prices listed below include high quality electric and acoustic guitar strings from D’Addario; however you are welcome to request other brands in the form below. We’ll also throw in a basic clean and polish so your guitar will be returned as good as new!

  • 6 string electric and acoustic guitars – from $35
  • Ukuleles – from $35
  • Nylon string classical guitar – from $45
  • Bass guitars – from $50
  • 12-string guitars and Floyd rose guitars – from $50
  • Guitar Care Subscription – from $15/month
Learn to do it yourself

Experienced students looking to save money in the long run can ask their guitar tutor for a lesson on restringing. They will take you through the complete guitar restringing process carefully from positioning the nut and saddle to tightening the strings with the perfect amount of slack. After the right guidance you will start to feel confident doing it yourself. It is a very helpful skill to develop, especially if you are serious about the guitar. You will find that classical guitars with nylon strings are the most difficult to restring. But a good string winder can help speed up the process!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, GTC students receive a 10% discount on all instrument care services and products.

Regular instrument maintenance is crucial as neglecting it can negatively affect an instrument’s tone and playability. Even a small amount of maintenance every year can go a long way in preserving your instrument’s quality.

Look for signs such as a dull or dead sound, difficulty in staying in tune, visible wear and tear on the strings, reduced playability, or if it has been several months since the last string change. Fresh strings can enhance sound quality and playability.

Look out for signs such as noticeable pitch discrepancies, fading sustain, key stiffness or sticking, environmental changes, or if it has been over a year since the last tuning.

Professional consultancy is recommended for accurate assessment and necessary adjustments.

Yes, you can request specific brands of guitar strings at the time of booking. We typically use D’Addario strings by default, but we will always do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Yes, experienced students can request a lesson on restringing from their guitar tutor at GTC. They will guide you through the complete restringing process, teaching you valuable skills to do it yourself.

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