Bon Our Tutors About Tutor Bon Bon has been playing music for over 10 years now and has been in the performance and teaching industry for over 5. They have performed at venues all across NSW and have done multiple interstate tours with numerous different bands. They teach Advanced contemporary drums, as well as beginner […]


Lily Our Tutors About Lily Lily is a seasoned singer/songwriter with a deep-rooted passion for music and a wealth of experience to offer aspiring vocalists. Hailing from the vibrant musical community of the Mid North Coast, Lily’s journey began under the tutelage of renowned multi-instrumentalist Peter Kaukiainen, where she honed her skills in both clarinet […]


Bella Our Tutors About Tutor Bella Bella is a singer-songwriter and vocal coach. Her love of music began at the age of five, when she first discovered the power of voice and drama. Throughout school Bella was a part of multiple musicals, alongside a large participant in any performance opportunities made available to her. A […]


Natalie Our Tutors About Tutor Natalie My musical journey began at age 4, when I first touched the piano keys. I’ve experienced AMEB exams, captivating concerts, and even had a solo at the Opera House during my involvement in HSC (Music 2 and Music Extension).  The AMEB phase taught me about technical skill, precision, musical […]


Manan Our Tutors About Tutor Manan As a passionate and dedicated guitar player, I bring a wealth of musical experience and a deep love for teaching to every lesson. With a focus on nurturing young talents, I aim to inspire a lifelong appreciation for music while fostering technical proficiency and creative expression.  My journey in […]

Mark E

Mark E Our Tutors About Mark E Mark is a high school student with a deep love for the piano, reaching Grade 8 of the AMEB syllabus and regularly performing at school events like the Visual and Performing Arts Night, and other school music productions. But his journey isn’t about personal accolades; it’s about sharing […]


Harish Our Tutors About Tutor Harish My musical journey commenced when I was 5 years old, where I picked up my first musical instrument (Violin), learning Western and Eastern Classical Music. At the age of 9 (1989) I played my first live piece on All India Radio (which currently has over 56M+ listeners).  With over […]


Renee Our Tutors About Tutor Renee With a decade of experience, Renee is a highly regarded music teacher, distinguished by her adaptability to different learning styles. Armed with a Bachelor of Music and extensive composition experience, Renee brings a wealth of knowledge to her lessons. Drawing from years of professional musician experience, including performances in […]


Adrian Our Tutors About Tutor Adrian With a bachelor of music and 20 years playing experience, Adrian is a proficient guitarist specialising in acoustic fingerstyle music. He released two tracks “Seafarer” and “Andam” during 2023 both through Candyrat Records. He has been teaching for eight years and worked with students of all ages and skill […]


Stefano Our Tutors About Tutor Stefano Stefano is a producer, songwriter, professional guitarist, bass & drum teacher. With his multi talented skills, the ability to learn songs quickly, and more than 15 years experience, he has developed a personal style of playing influenced by listening to many famous artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Slash, John […]

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